New nail polishes!

I picked up these nail polishes because I have never seen these before.

These are bold polishes and are beautiful.
Calcium- great to use for a base coat and makes nail stronger.
Desert- a champagne colour really pretty and natural for everyday -2 coats
Pearl pink- a nice girly colour to go with cute outfits- 2 coats
Pearl fuchsia- this is my favourite, it’s a rose gold and is super gorgeous. -1 coat
Espresso- a copper colour that I love as well- 1 coat
Vampires cocktail- this really reminds my of blood! But is still a really nice red/ black colour not for summer but definitely for winter-2 coats
These last a long time without chips about a week or more with top coat and are pretty bold.
I got these polishes at TK max. These are the vermis classique by cherimoya.
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