Night skin care routine update

Recently my skin freaked out so I decided I had to find products that could help my skin.
First I clean my face with ultra bland before I go in the shower. This has been my savour when taking off makeup.

I massage it into my face then wipe off with a damp face cloth.

Then before I go into the shower I put coconut oil all over my face like a face mash, then I wash it off with hot water from the shower. This helps lock all the moisture in and coconut oil is also antibacterial.


Before I go to sleep I clean my face with yes to tomatoes cleanser using my Clarisonic Mia 2.


Next I use my simple soothing toner and then I use yes to tomatoes acne treatment. Then I use my simple rich moisturiser. Then I put coconut oil on my under eyes and acne scars.

If I feel like using a mask I love to use mask of magnaminty by lush or Aztec secret Indian healing clay.



That was my updated night skin care routine.
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