NYX Contour Palette Review


NYX is one of my favourite drugstore makeup because of the amazing quality and great dupes for high end products. I picked up the contour palette from boots and I have been using it now for about a week straight now, here are my thoughts…


The packaging is plastic but not flimsy and easy to break, it’s very hard and feels like it could take alot of wear and use. There are eight shades two matte highlights, two shimmer highlights and four matte contour shades. All the pans are removable and I’m sure you can buy refills. DSCN3934

The first thing that I could see is that it is only sold in a palette with all the shades, so if you can’t use a shade you can’t pick and choose your preferred colour. Also they have quite a bit of fall out, but this doesn’t mean the pigmentation is not amazing, which it is. I just dipped my brush into the pan thinking it won’t be that pigmented and cause a serious contour ( I used way to much!). So start lightly for your first go and gradually build the contour. The highlighters are great too, the yellow shade stays yellow but is too dark for my skin tone, the shade cream which is a light cream shade is perfect for my fair skin tone to brighten the under eyes. There is a lighter highlight called ice queen that has an almost grey under tone but is pigmented and stunning and nectar a more peach/champagne shade that is prefect for medium skin tones.


(from top to bottom)

highlight shades:

  • ICE QUEEN- cool tone white with a frosted finish
  • SOFT LIGHT- matte neutral white/nude/beige
  • CREAM- matte yellow with warm undertones
  • NECTAR- peach with a forsted finish and warm undertones


(from top to bottom)

contour shades:

  • TAN- satin brown with red undertones
  • TOFFEE-satin medium brown with warm yellow undertones
  • SCULTP- satin medium brown with cool undertones
  • HOLLOW- satin dark brown with red undertones

Overall this palette is very pigmented but slighlty chalky more so with the two matte highlight shades, if someone is looking for a first time good quality contour palette ,but you don’t want to spend a whole lot this is the one for you. This cost me £18 from Boots. img_2018-15

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  1. June 20, 2016 / 8:14 pm

    This palette always catches my attention but I still haven’t picked it up. I don’t think I would like that they’re chalky!


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