Ouai Haircare​ Review


Hi, you probably have heard of Ouai Haircare created by Jen Atkin and being hyped up by social media, well I do think it’s worth the hyped on the products I have tried so far. The Smooth Spray is my favourite product that I’ve tried, as the name suggests it smooths the hair and adds shine while making the hair super soft. It does have a weird smell when you first apply it, but, it doesn’t last. I like to use this when my hair is damp to detangle my hair and help stop frizz. It has a creamy consistency but is still lightweight.

The Finishing Crème is great to use when hair is damp or dry and helps protect hair when styling with heat. It adds shine and creates a lived-in look if you apply it after styling, this also smooths out frizz and makes split ends less noticeable. I like to use this after I’ve curled my hair to add shine but to also stop the curls looking too polished and perfect.

Sun Of A Beach Ombré Spray smells so nice and makes your hair feel soft, it enhances the natural highlights of your hair for a sunkissed look or brightens existing highlights. Spray on damp hair and brush through and let the sun add highlights to your hair. It doesn’t make your hair feel dry and doesn’t give you a rapid result, which is good as you can just reapply until you get your desired sun-kissed look.

Kirstin xxx

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