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I’m sure you’ve heard about it, the Pixi glow tonic that Caroline Hirons made sell out over night. This is kind of a “blog made me by it” purchase beacuse so many people were talking about. I took the chance and got it and gave it a try for myself. Well the blogs were’nt wrong.


When you first look at the glow tonic all you can think about is the colour, as it’s so orange you would think it will sting when applied to the skin. In fact it contains no alcohol which is great and doesn’t sting your skin. The Pixi glow tonic is an exfoliating facial toner, basically instead of using a physical exfoliator like a face scrub you use this. I Have got to say this is a true mirical worker for me. I have acne prone skin with large pores and super oily skin, the difference happened about a week after using it morning and evening. My skin was less oily as my fondation stayed on longer because less oil was being produced, my pores reduced and my skin looked glowy and healthy. The toner contains 5% Glycolic acid which helps to remove dead skin cells and reveal brighter skin. This of course makes the skin ten times softer and if you have dry skin this wil help with removing all the dryness, but won’t break you out. This amazing toner has become an absolute must in my skin care routine, I can’t wait to see the results in a couple of months. Totally worth it!

cost:£18.00 (at M&S)


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  1. April 27, 2016 / 9:50 pm

    I literally just ordered this off QVC – what a coincidence! Glad it worked for you 🙂

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