Product of the week!


It seems such a long time since I have done a product of the week, this week I have been loving the Clinique super City block 40 SPF. 

This week it has been really sunny and we have had temperatures of 28 degrees!! 

So this has been a life saver I have oily skin, if I use sunscreen on my face I will have horrible break outs. This is oil free and smells of nothing, I put this on under my makeup I was scared incase my makeup would slide off my face. I didn’t! I was so surprised my skin didn’t look as oily as it usually does, my makeup stayed in place all day even in the heat and I didn’t get burned☺️

It is no heavy on the skin and absorbs quickly and has added antioxidants, this is super and is my new must have for the summer must have. 

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