Purple Makeup


It’s been a while, but Christmas is literally around the corner! So, today I want to talk about party makeup, in particular, the colour purple…


Purple eye makeup, makes your eyes stand out and is different from a black smokey eye or neutral shade, one of my favourite liquid eyeshadow bases is the Urban Decay Liquid Moondust in the shade Solstice. I like to use this as a base for eyeshadow to give more dimension, I also love to use it for eyeliner too because the brush is very fine. Especially when it’s Christmas I love wearing glitter, my favourite purple pressed glitter is Glitter Eye’s Magic Spell press glitter. It’s a multi-dimensional glitter with a mixture of chunky and fine glitter. I use this all over my lid or for an added sparkle in the centre of my lid. Duo-chrome highlighters are amazing for parties purple is definitely my go-to duo-chrome shade. Makeup Geeks Phantom eyeshadow is the perfect highlight for a purple look, I use this on my cheekbones, brow bone and inner corner. It’s super pigmented and brings the whole purple look together, or just to have a special touch to your makeup. Mascara in different shades can make your eyes stand out more and a more subtle way to wear colour. I sometimes wear the Miss Manga purple mascara for everyday makeup, it’s not as harsh as black but bolder than brown. You can apply this over your black mascara for a subtle colour to the lashes or to the bottom lash line for an extra pop of colour.

Kirstin xxx

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