Real techniques nic's picks brush set

Hi for Christmas I got the real techniques nic’s picks brush set. I have been using them with my daily makeup routine since Christmas now and I thought it I would do a review.
The set includes:
.duo-fiber face brush
.cheek brush
.angled shadow brush
.base shadow brush
.eyeliner brush
(Going in that order from left to right)


(As you can tell I have been using them)
Ok the first one is the duo-fiber face brush I used it to apply face powder. It pick up the powder very well and applied it evenly. It can also be used for blush as well.
The cheek brush is like a larger real techniques expert face brush with short bristles. I used it with cream blush it blended well and I used it with powder blush and work good to it picks up a lot of the product and is easily cleaned.

The angled shadow brush is a soft fluffy brush that is great for blending in the crease. I used this a few times and it blends colours well and is easily cleaned.

The base shadow brush is a need in every makeup bag and this one does the trick it is soft and a nice size. It picks up product pretty well like and of these brushes and is easily cleaned.

The eyeliner brush is the perfect size and gel liner goes on smoothly. It can also be used for eyebrows. Easily cleaned.

Over all this set is a good All rounder with the basic brushes that will be a great asset for your makeup bag and is a great gift for any of your makeup loving friends and family.

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