Rose and eyeliner 


This is a look I that I really like to do with eyeliner(especially now that I have the benefit push-up liner😊) 

First I took the urban decay primer potion in Eden and then applied strange form the naked 3 palette. 

Then I took nooner and blended it into my crease

Next I took tricked form the naked 3 palette on a damp brush and apply it on to the lid

Then I took buzz from the naked 3 palette and put it on my brow bone and my inner corner and also in the middle of my lid. 

Next I took the benefit push-up liner and started drawing out wear I want my liner with light strokes(don’t glide with this liner as it will make a mess!) 

Lastly I finished off my liner curled my lashes and applied my Rimmel wake me up mascara.

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