Skincare Favourites


I have been trying to up my skin care lately and I’ve found a few favourites that have totally made a difference to my skin…


First is two new favourites from Sukin…


The Sukin Mattifying Facial Moisturiser has been my everyday moisturiser for at least a month now. I have very oily skin so this has really been helping keep my skin hydrated but stopping my T-zone from getting very oily. Also the Facial Recovery Serum, I have been using it at night and sometimes during the day if I have dry patches. It’s very hydrating and refreshes the skin. All Sukins products are paraben free, mineral oil free and 100% vegan! So there are no nasty ingredients and has never made me break out.


Mario Badescu is an amazing skin care brand, I have fallen in love with the cucumber, aloe and green tea facial spray. It’s very refreshing even when you’re wearing makeup, because of the fine mist it won’t mess up your makeup. I love to use it after I have used my Pixi Glow Tonic at night to help rehydrate my skin. I have always wanted to try the Drying Lotion for such a long time , I love it! really takes away the redness of blemishes and is a great quick fix to put on at night or during the day, if you’re going out at night.


I love face masks, I use one every day. Whether that’s in the morning before I put makeup on to prep my skin, or at night. The Loreal Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Mask is amazing for spots. I usually put this on my T-zone at least twice a week and it has helped keep my skin clear and my pores unblocked. If I want a quick mask in the morning I love the Lush 1000 Millihelens jelly face mask. I put it on for five to ten minuets it helps refresh my skin for makeup and keep blemishes at bay.

Kirstin xxx


  1. August 16, 2017 / 2:38 pm

    You have a really good skincare routine with some great products! xx

  2. August 16, 2017 / 8:37 pm

    I love Mario B. products. Especially the drying lotion! Zaps those pimples away!

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