smashbox brow tech matte pencil


A while ago, maybe three weeks ago I got the Smashbox Brow Tech Matte Pencil. I have even featured it in my May favourites! I have really been enjoying using it and think its defineltyl worth it.


It is a very slim pencil that is as light as a feather, one side has the pencil that twists up and on the other is a spooly with a clear cape on it. First impression of the pencil is that it’s very sleek.


the spooly is very small and long, perfect for brushing your brows to get the colour of the pencil through the brows or to get your brow hairs in place.


The pencil side is tiny and twists up so no need for a sharpener. It comes sharp but as you use it, it does go blunt. Still vert small though so it can still draw a fine line.


I have light brow hair so I got the shade TAUPE it matches really well for my hair colour. I have to say very pigmented and even the lightest of touch it still gives out pigment. It’s not like some pencils were they are hard and it is impossible to lightly fill in your brows. This is creamy and pigment and leaves a slight mark after washing it off.

overall I would really recommend this eye brow pencil to anyone looking for a brow pencil to try. Slim and sleek so fits into your makeup bag perfectly. Great pigmentation and brows last all day.


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