Sunday night pamper favourites


After a long week of working hard there’s nothing like taking some time out and having pamper evening. Here are my favourites for Sunday night pampering.

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I love taking a shower I always feel refreshed and relaxed when I take one. I love to use soap and glory pulp friction body scrub.It has a great tuti fruti scent and gets rid of all dry skin.

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I always on a Sunday treat my hair to a hair mask, right now I have been loving the Garner ultimate blends sleek restorer balm with coconut oil in it which makes the hair very, very soft and you only have to leave it on for five minutes.

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When I come put the shower it’s a must for body butter, Soap and Glory the righteous butter is my favourite right now it makes the skin so soft and hydrated. Love the smell!

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I also love face masks there an obsession of mine, but the one I love the most is aztec secret healing clay mask. You only need to add water or apple cider vinegar. The mask pulses and pulls all the dirt and oil out of your skin.


Last but not least is a lip scrub, Lush’s lip scrubs are my favourite because they are natural and you can lick the sugar off after.  The Santa’s lip scrub leaves a slight tint to the lips and tastes like coca cola.


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