Too Faced Le Grand Château 


I got the Too Faced Le Grand Château for Christmas, I think it’s so cute and fits perfectly on my vanity and is a perfect gift for anyone who loves makeup. 

First of all the packing Is soooo cute I think it’s one of the most original I’ve seen, totally one you would keep! The top of the chateau comes of to revel three palettes and a deluxe sample of the better than sex mascara. 

The palettes are super cute themselfs and the bows are textures so a lot of detail when into the packing, also there’s a bit at the back for writing to someone so this could be used for three people inside of one . 

First is the blue palette, this palette has three matte shadows(pot du crème, fifi, La femme)  and three shimmer shadows(bonjour, merci, oui) and a peachy/pink matte blush with a tiny bit of glitter(mademoiselle) 



  • Pot du crème-pale cream 
  • Fifi -light warm soft brown 
  • La femme-dark  brown 


  • Binjour -gold (favourite!) 
  • Merci -dark brown with chunky glitter 
  • Oui – black with gold chunky glitter 


  • Mademoiselle – peachy/ pink 




Pink palette includes one matte(amour) and five shimmer (fleur, jet’amine, moi,chérie,tout suite) and a shimmer bronzer(Jolie) 


  • Amour- matte pale pink 
  • Fleur- pink with gold glitter(favourite) 
  • Jet’aime- shimmery pink 
  • Moi- brown with copper glitter/gold glitter 
  • Chérie-silver shimmery 
  • Tout suite- black with red/copper glitter 



  • Jolie- warm tone shimmer bronzer 


 The black palette includes two matte(rendezvous, nior) and four shimmer(Le marais, Provence,parfait,trèrs chic) and a bright pink blush with mirco glitter( très fab) 


  • Le marais- White with pink mirco glitter 
  • Rendezvous- matte mauve/grey 
  • Provence-shimmer purple 
  • Parfait- shimmer champagne 
  • Très chic- black with pink glitter 
  • Noir- matte black 


  • Très fab- bright pink 

Over all these palettes are okay, but they aren’t very pigmented the best out of the three is the blue one, but they are still good and make a great addition to any collection. 

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  1. January 15, 2016 / 7:46 pm

    Loved this collection and the presentation of it.

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