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Top shop have release a new makeup product! It’s called the everything stick, you can use it on your lips,cheeks or eyes. There are six shades running from pink,nude or red. They are really handy for travel and on-the-go. 

I have been using the everything stick a lot lately, and more than I thought I would. It’s very easy to blend out and has an almost cream to powder finish. On the lips it has a satin finish and has a slight powder/grainy texture, but not drying or uncomfortable to wear. On the eyes it has the same effect on the cheeks a cream to powder like finish, but the only thing is with pinks and reds on the eyes I tend to look unwell, and look like I have sore eyes. A nude colour would look better for the eyes.

I like the packaging they look like the Nars multiple but slimmer which is really handy for putting in your hand bag and again for travel. It is a twist-up pencil so no sharpening. 

I got the shade Philanderer which is a dirty red/pink. 

Before I have blended it out, very pigmented and creamy.

After I have blended it out, again very creamy and easy to blend out.

Over all the everything stick is a great product, it’s very creamy and easy to blend. Last in the lips and cheeks, looks natural too. For the eyes go for a more nude shade but blendable on the lids. 

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