Updated skin care routine 


I’ve changed my skin care routine again (I always do!) but this time I think I’ve found the perfect routine that I really working for my skin. My skin is looking a lot clearer now a days. 

First for cleansing I use the lush dark angles cleanser 


This cleanser acts like a scrub and leaves you with skin that feels refreshed and glowing, and I also very deep cleansing. My acne reduced once I started using this. It does have a smell but it’s not too bad. It leaves a huge mess I would recommend you clean your face with this when your in the shower as it’s just so messy! But totally worth it😉 

For toner I have just been using the simple soothing toner, it’s just a plan old toner that’s alcohol free so it doesn’t dry up my skin. It hasn’t made my skin break out, it has no perfume and has added vitamins.

The yes to grape fruit dark circle correcting eye cream has been my go to for almost a year. I get dark circles and since using this they have minimised. It’s also very moisturising. 

The acnecide 5% benzoyl peroxide gel has literally been my life savour, I tried every spot treatment out there. This is the only one that truly made a difference to my skin. After about 5 months using it, it has made a dramatic difference. Can’t live without it now! 

I recently purchased another one of the nip+fab dragon’s blood plumping serum, it makes the skin incredibly soft and goes well under makeup. I use this under my moisturiser day and night. Absorbs into the skin fast and doesn’t leave a film covering your skin and adds an extra added boost of hydration.

I use this simple light moisturiser, it has no perfume or added extras and feels light on the skin. It has a nice gel like formula that absorbs into the skin quickly and skin feels hydrated all day. 

Every single day I use the Clinique super city block SPF 40, no matter if it’s snowing or sunny. It’s oil free and doesn’t make me breakout or leave your face with a white sheet. It’s tinted so no white masks! 

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  1. March 17, 2016 / 1:41 am

    i love Simple product because the products of this brand suit for my sensitive skin and i found out many good review about this cleanser but i have ever tried. Maybe i’ll try it in the future i hope it suit for my skin 😀

  2. March 22, 2016 / 3:12 pm

    How is the Yes to Grapefruit eye cream? Does it conceal dark circles really well? Love the post btw.

    • March 22, 2016 / 6:31 pm

      Hi, it doesn’t really conceal dark circles but it brightens the under eyes and it really does work😊xxx

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