Urban Decay Liquid Moondust


I love the Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadows and the Heavy Metal Glitter Liners. When I seen the Liquid Moondust at the Urban Decay counter I was blown away at how beautiful they looked. So of course I got my hands on one, I got the shade SOLSTICE which is also one of my favourite Moondust eyeshadow shades.


First off how stunning is this packaging, totally caught my eye(same as the Moondust eyeshadow palette). It comes in a beautiful duo-chrome galaxy covered box with the name of the shade and the colour on the side.


The product itself comes in a clear tube with a plastic top, I really wish it had a chrome/silver top like the Heavy Metal Liners. But still feels like it’s good quality.


The brush is short and is perfect for using as liner or for sweeping all over your lid. But I do find the brush does get messy and some product tends to get clumped up on the brush, making it harder to do liner with.


Now the formula itself is creamy and full of glitter. It does dry super fast and you have to be super fast to blend it out before it sets. But I found I used it more for pop of colour on the lid, prefect for doing a halo eye look. I have used it by itself all over my lid, and I had to built up the colour a bit. As it’s bursting full of stunning glitter it has the prettiest reflects in the light and your lid will almost look glossy when wearing it. You can wear this sheer, I have wore this during the day with a sheer wash on the lid. It is build able so you can get to your desired intensity. Overall this is a great if you ever want a pop of glitter, it has no fall out what so ever and lasts all day, still looked as gorgeous and as sparkling like when I first put it on ( even with my oily eye lids). 





  1. March 17, 2017 / 6:56 am

    This color is so beautiful 😍😍

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