Urban Decay Razor sharp  Liquid eyeliner 


I love to wear eyeliner because I feel it brings a makeup look together, when I saw the new Urban Decay eyeliners I just had to get one. There are twenty shades to choose from which go from black and brown to metallic gold and sliver. 

I really like the packaging it’s sleek and eye catching, they have a gun-metal colour tube and a cape that matches the shade. Also the brush is very fine and is amazing for creating fine liner or a wing. 

I feel these type of eyeliners require more practice than felt eyeliners, so a little bit of practice is needed if you want to create a super fine line. The liners are smudge proof and definitely last all day, they also claim to be water resident which is true as long as you don’t rub the liner, if you do it comes off pretty easily. Depending on what finish you have (sparkles, metallic, shiny lacquer) will effect how long the liner will last too, I have the shade SNAKEBITE which is a gorgeous bronze and has a metallic finish, this finish shows some of the lines on your lid but it’s not that notable. These are very pigmented and easy to work with, with practice. If you make a mistake it is easy to wipe away before it drys cause when it drys to only way your going to get it off is by, applying water and rubbing the liner or micellar water works a treat. If you love eyeliner or just want to try a new shade definitely try these eyeliners, SNAKEBITE is my new favourite!


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