Urban Decay vice 4 


Hope you all had a great Christmas and didn’t eat to much sweets!😋 

I got the Urban Decay vice 4 palette for my Christmas, I was so excited the colours look so beautiful and pigmented. Here’s a review and swatches. 

The box it comes in is a really nice box, it has the oil slick feel to it. When you open the box you get the palette but in a black bag that also has the oil slick feel to it. The bag does how ever feel a bit cheap for urban decay but is perfect for putting makeup in and to keep the palette from damage. 

The palette is absolutely stunning, I haven’t see one like it. It has an oil slick feel to it that is risen from the black part of the palette. You can see were the bag comes so you can stop the design from being scratched. 

The colours look so good too! The palette has twenty shadows ranging from greens,purples,mattes and glitter. 



Bones- a white satin pearl 

Framed- matte light neutral (flesh toned) 

Discreet-matte soft mauve 

Bitter- matte red/brown

Grip- grey/taupe with micro glitter 

Fast-ball – metallic peach with pink glitter 

Grasshopper- green with green mirco

Flame- bright orange with gold chunky glitter 

Deadbeat- satin black with mirco glitter 

1985- fuchsia pink with fuchsia micro glitter 

C-note – forest green with micro glitter 

Low- mate brown with micro glitter 

Beat down- metallic purple with blue micro glitter 

Under hand- satin brown/purple almost duo chrome (love!) 

Arctic- teal with glitter 

Crowbar- satin black with chunky gold glitter and micro glitter 

Pandemonium- metallic plum with micro glitter 

Harlot- metallic lavender 

Robbery- metallic gun metal 

Delete-matte deep brown 

All shadows are very pigmented and buttery, however there is fall out from shadows with chunkier glitter like crowbar and flame. Mattes are also  smooth and buttery. This is a great palette that shows how great urban decay are at bold and vibrant colours, you should go for it and get this palette if you’ve not got it not, it’s a great addition to anyone makeup. 


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