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Todays post is going to be on my Weekday face, the makeup I wear during the week pretty much everyday. I occasionally change up the eyeshadow but it usually stays the same. Here’s my weekday face.


First I’ll start with my base…


During the week your lucky if I ever wear foundation, I usually only wear foundation if I’m going out or the rare occasions at the weekend. I go from my highest coverage concealer which is my Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer, it is slightly lighter than my skin tone so under the eyes it brightens and great for when I need a blemish covered. My skin hasn’t been as oily lately so I generally have been skipping powder. So next is my favourite part bronzer, blush and highlight. For bronzer my go-to from the start of the summer has been the bronzer from the  Urban Decay Flushed palette in NATIVE, this really isn’t for contour just to give my skin a warmer and more of a summer glow (that I clearly didn’t get!). Blush has been the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in ROSE, this is a stunning blush shade as my skin is so pale but this would be an amazing highlighter for darker skin tones. I just use a duo-fiber brush to aply and it adds to that glow. For highlighter the go-to duo that I’m literally Obsessed with is Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter and the Urban Decay Flush Palette In NATIVE highlighter. I apply the Benefit Watt’s Up blend into the skin and over the top apply the Urban Decay Highlighter.


Eyebrows I have been using during the week the SmashBox Brow Tech Matte Pencil, as its so super pigmented and fills in my brows in no time at all.


Eyes are simple during the week as I’m usually running out the door, For eyeshadow I use the Urban Decay Naked basics palette shade NAKED2 in the crease with my Mac 217 brush. Then all over the lid I use the Stila Eyeshadow in the shade KITTEN, this gives a beautiful all most mirror glowing shine to the eyes ( totally obsessed a review is coming soon!). I also use the NAKED2 shade for my eyebrows. Mascara I use is the Kiko Milano Luxurious Lashes mascara, I always curl my lashes as I feel it makes you look more awake.


For lips I go with a lipgloss or most daystick, right now my choice has been the Urban Decay Vice lipstick in peyto. 



    • September 14, 2016 / 10:33 pm

      I love the vice lipsticks! They have lots of finishes and always amazing pigment ☺️xx

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