What’s In My Bag? Summer Edition



Is anyone else excited for summer holidays? I’m so excited! I was going to take one of my cross body bags for going on holiday like every year. But I saw this really cute bag pack from NewLook and just had to get it. It’s a small silver colour bag pack with a large part with a small pocket inside and a smaller pocket at the front. It’s not big so I’m only planning to take essentails.

As you can see it is very small, but I though it was a nice change and it looks super cute. I take some makeup in my bag for a top up if I need it during the day.


Usually I take a mascara, lipstick or lipgloss, lip balm and concealer. Right now I have the Mac lipstick in patisserie which is my go to shade at this moment and is easy just to put on in a rush. The EOS lipbalm in sweet mint is very moisturising  and has a tingling sensation when you put it on. The Seventeen Stay Time concealer in EXTRA FAIR is a great drugstore concealer as its great for under eyes but I love to use it for blemishes. The KIKO extra sculpt mascara is my favourite Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara dupe and keeps my lashes in a curl all day and has amazing volume.


Also some essentails is a bobbi pin because they ether fall out my hair or I just need one I always make sure I have one in my bag. A bobble is also a must for me as again I always lose them, this one is an invisibobble and I like this kind because they keep my hair up all day without giving me a sore head. Of course Chewing gum is a must as it freshens your breath after a meal and is always handy to have.


I’m a slight bit of a germ freak so every time I go to eat something or sometimes even touch something I use hand sanitiser, right now I have this big one in my bag, but I think I will have to go and get a mini one before I go on Holiday. A portable phone charger is an essential for everyday life and especially on holiday as my phone dies on me literally every hour. I like the Microsoft one because it’s small and bright so I can see it clearly in my bag, but it is heavy.

DSCN3965 (2)

My phone is always on me and in my bag (or my hand 😉)and ear phones are great just incase you have time on your hands or amazing when traveling to places that take a while like a plane or car trip so you can listen to music.


Sunglasses are one of my favourite things about summer, these are my must for this summer from NewLook. These stay in my bag incase the sun decides to come out.

DSCN3967 (2)

Last but not least is a small note book and pen to take note of blog post ideas and possibly thing I may want to purchase in the future and also they have to look super cute!





  1. June 27, 2016 / 9:09 pm

    Awesome post! Totally respect the fact that you are able to reduce what you carry to the essentials. I need to develop that skill. Reading posts like these helps.

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